President: Michael McGuigan
Vice President: Michael Sturm
Treasurer: Charles Semler
Financial Secretary: Tom Moravec
Recording Secretary: Kelsey Forsyth


Chairman: David S McGuigan
Trustee: Eric Blundin
Trustee: Jeff Phipps
Trustee: Zip Rota
Trustee: Michael Consorte


Chaplain: Michael Pascarella
Chaplain: Scott Forsyth
Chaplain: John Haub

Fire Officers

Fire Chief: John Hoffman
Deputy Chief:
 Andrew Moletzsky
Battalion Chief 1: Kevin Lawrence
Battalion Chief 2: MIchael Sturm
Captain 1: Dan Messantonio
Captain 2: Andy Phipps
Lieutenant 1: Kyle Blundin
Lieutenant 2: Michael Olszewski


Chief Engineer: Daniel McGuigan
Asst.Chief Engineer: Joe Picard
Engineer: Scott Forsyth
Engineer: Mike McGuigan
Engineer: Jim McGlinchey
Engineer: Walter S Krosky
Engineer: Thomas Morevac
Engineer: Ray Naylor
Engineer: Aaron Grewe
Career Firefighter: Ronald Smisko
Career Firefighter: Ronald Cerino

Fire Police

Fire Police Captain: Frank Solomon
Fire Police Lieutenant: Tom Moravec
Fire Police Sergeant: Ray Naylor
Fire Police Sergeant: Dave Colucci

History of the Harmonville Chaplains:

Approximately four years ago, the Harmonville Fire Company took advantage of the fact that three of its members were seminary trained clergymen. Two are ministers at a local evangelical church, and the third is a Catholic deacon.

Under the direction of President James F. Behr, these three members organized a chaplaincy program, whereby the provide spiritual and pastoral care to the members of the fire company on an as needed basis, and to the general public, who may be victims of a fire or rescue situation. The chaplains keep members informed regarding those members who may be ill. They call or visit the sick when able. They respond to hospitals in the event that a member is injured or ill. They conduct prayer services. The facilitate counseling for members by coordinating the response of the Montgomery County Critical Incident team. They assist families plan the funeral of a member when asked. They respond to the scene of fires and rescues in order to provide spiritual and pastoral care.