Person Name
Michael McGuigan

Person Name
Fire Chief
John Hoffman




Harmonville Fire Company No. 1

The Harmonville Fire Company No.1 as it is known today was begun on May 23, 1924. It developed from the desires of a group of individuals to meet the needs of their community. It presently encompasses two fire stations located at each end of Plymouth Township, Montgomery County. At this time, it has eight pieces of firefighting apparatus and rescue equipment in operation.

Harmonville Fire Company No.1 has been proudly serving the Plymouth Township community since 1924. We have expanded as the township has expanded, purchased equipment when the need arose, and will continue to grow and expand as our community changes. More About

We want you  !!!!!! We are always looking for some fresh faces around the firehouse. If you have ever wondered or thought of being a volunteer fire fighter why wait!!! If you don’t think being a firefighter is your thing, we also have a fire police unit and many administrative positions that we could use your talents for. Send us a message today so we can help you fulfill your dreams of helping serve your community. We are also looking for Junior firefighters. We just recently started allowing juniors to start at the age of 14. This is a great age to get involved and learn the in’s and out’s of what it takes to be a fireman early on in your fire service career. Call us today at 610.828.0836 or send us a Facebook message, OR simply stop by at either station. We look forward to hearing from you.

Fire Calls

Month 2020 2021
January 64 54
February 43 56
March 47
April 34
May 41
June 68
July 56
August 73
September 59
October 53
November 56
December 61
Total 655  110